About Us

Brian Jordan

Hey everybody, my name is Brian Jordan. I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL (aka the Redneck Riviera). I currently live in Pace, FL, with my wife Nicole and our two daughters, Taylor and Payton.

Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m an easygoing, fun-loving, life of the party kind of guy. I love a good backyard cookout or tailgating at sporting events. Another thing pretty much everyone knows about me is that I love sports, and I do mean love! The Auburn Tigers and the Dallas Cowboys hold a very special place in my heart, and I’ve never missed a game, EVER!!

That being said, I value my beautiful family more than anything else in the world, and they drive me to be the best that I can be. Speaking of family, I started with my work family, Martelli Enterprises, in 2013 as a Sales Associate and worked my way up to become the Senior Sales Executive/Team Leader.

I absolutely love working for this incredible company. Their love of God and family cannot be outmatched, and the opportunities I’ve received along the way have been incredible.

David Martelli

I was born and raised in Massachusetts until I was 12 years old. I moved to Florida as a child, so my dad could further his Christian education and get his master’s degree. As a child, I loved sports and tinkered with mechanical things. I graduated high school with dreams of a scholarship to play college basketball.

As my dad started a printing company to put himself through college. Growing up, I was able to watch and learn how businesses operate at a very young age. While running the printing company, my dad also filled his passion and began to invent things. My father invented a product for round razor blades. I began to work at trade shows. I realized I had a passion for innovating products and loved talking to people.

Instead of attending college, I followed my passion for helping build a successful family business. I had the ability to explain my dad’s ideas to other people. With a larger-than-life personality, I love to passionately explain new innovative products to multiple industries throughout the U.S.